Our Singapore-based curriculum centers around the Neuroscience Theory of Learning where students are constantly engaged in meaningful social interactions as well as enjoyable activities that draw on self-regulatory skills under a progressive structure.


Together with the exploratory and experiential pedagogies, our staff are trained to scaffold every student in his or her learning and developmental journey to build confidence and resilience.

Our Services

Merlionkids student care services include :

  • daily nutritious lunch (breakfast/dinner included during school holidays - all meals are planned according to HPB requirements)

  • a clean and conducive environment for our students to rest and relax 

  • professionally trained facilitators (also known as programme staff) to supervise their homework and school-related activities such as projects and HBL 

  • daily engaging enrichment programmes that are designed to stimulate learning and character building

  • exciting holiday activities that are carefully planned to include collaborative projects carried out with community organisations or individual to give our students the best experience they can possibly benefit from

Character Education

Our Character Education Programme provides students with an in-depth understanding of each highlighted school values. It empowers the students to acquire a suite of skills and knowledge. It is important to develop our young ones into concerned citizens of good character.


The teaching is developmental and progressive, with structured programmes for each level and is delivered through direct teaching, observable teachable moments and infusion of curriculum and experience.

Outdoor Experience

It allows the students to work in teams to create positive experiences while leading an active lifestyle. During each session, students will be introduced to structured games as well as given time for free play. This allows students to interact and communicate with others. 

During play, students learn to play with imagination and make sound judgements for different genres of games.

After cooling down from the physical activities, programme staff will conclude by sharing teachable moments observed during play.