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MerlionKids is a Singapore based premier preschool with quality settings that adopt the Neuroscience Developmental Curriculum Framework alongside Singapore Kindergarten Curriculum Framework, Exploratory & Experiential based, and Multiple Intelligences Integrated approach to provide a holistic education for our children. We use internationally recognised pedagogies to foster learning dispositions in our children, the brain executive functions, character & values qualities, emotional regulation & social skills, curiosity & reasoning skills, critical thinking & motivation, language & numeracy, self-confidence & grit to overcome future challenges the child might encounter.

MerlionKids also champions a signature triage of complementary levels: Self-Expression, Self-Regulation and Self-Discovery. They are devised in such a structure so as to support holistic learning for the delicate developing minds of our children, in terms of the multiple intelligences in the areas of Linguistics, Numeracy, Spatiality, Kinesthetic, the Arts, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalistic skills.


Children are naturally curious & resourceful. They like to explore their surroundings and discover knowledge at the same time. They learn best through the fun ways that are closely related to the exploratory and experiential-based activities. With this understanding, our programmes are child-driven and are designed to be fun and exciting to help children self-create knowledge through their own discovery.


Our child-driven programmes are sensitive to a child's learning disposition and abilities at different age levels detailed out on the milestones table. In addition to providing comprehensive, integrated instructions in all developmental domains, our programmes also provide a systematic and sequential continuum for building skills and concepts for Playgroup, Nursery and Kindergarten levels.


MerlionKids spans through three countries, each with teams of highly qualified professionals to ensure the best education experience for your children.

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